Get Ready for the 2020 Congregational Meeting 

on June 14th using Zoom

Beacon members should have an email invitation with a link and instructions.  Please begin joining the meeting at 11 AM to verify a quorum and engage in questions and answers.  The meeting will be called to order at 11:30 AM.  If you have any questions or have no device suitable for video conferencing contact at least 24 hours before the meeting for answers and possible solutions.

Preparation is important.

Click here to review the proposed budget

Click here to review the nominees

Click here to review the Special Congregational Meeting minutes

Click here to review the 2019 Annual Meeting minutes

Access to some online documents may require members to be registered and assigned the role of “Member” on  Contact to update your role if needed.


  • 11:30 AM – Verify a quorum of members for the meeting
  • Present protocols and ground rules and call the June 14, 2020 Annual Beacon Congregation Meeting to order
  • Chalice lighting and invocation
  • Board Report
  • Call for a motion to approve the June 9th, 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes and the October 27th, 2019 Special Congregational Meeting
  • Call for motions to elect the next year’s Board and members of the Leadership Succession Planning Team (majority vote)
  • Call for a motion to approve the Board’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2020-2021
  • Extinguish the chalice and adjourn the meeting

If you will be using a proxy, please notify Lynda Dorweiler , Secretary of the Board, ( with your name and the proxy’s name by Saturday, 13 June at 11:30 AM.

Other congregations have been doing this with success.  Here are some frequently asked questions about congregational meetings by Zoom.

Question:  How do I join a Zoom meeting?

Answer:  Here is a YouTube video on how to join a Zoom meeting.  Zoom support also has a video on how to join a meeting.

Question:  What do all the icons do?

Answer:  The icons are used to control your interface.  You can see Zoom icons by hovering your mouse anywhere over the Zoom window.   Most are at the bottom.  Starting at the lower left:

  • Mute –  You may also mute yourself with from your picture.
  • Stop Video – To blank your video or display your image
  • Participants – Displays a list of participants on the right side
  • Chat – Opens a chat box on the right side
  • Share Screen – To display your screen for all to see
  • Record – Records video and chat
  • Reactions – Displays hand signals on your video
  • End –  Exits the meeting

There are also a few control that appear in the upper right when available:

  • Full/Partial Screen – Switches between full screen and window
  • Gallery View – Switches to display videos as a grid
  • Speaker View – Switches to spotlight the speaker

Question:  How can we conduct a congregational meeting using Zoom?

Answer:  It would be easier if Beacon members familiarized themselves with the Zoom application before the meetings.  The Minister will provide Zoom credentials that the President will email to each member.  The email will contain instructions for joining and participating in the meeting.  The President will lead the meeting, the Vice President will moderate the meeting, and the Secretary will record the meeting.  Communication during the meeting will require the use of the Zoom Chat function.  Attendees should be prepared to type private messages directly to the Secretary and to the Vice President.

Question: How will a quorum be determined? 

Answer: Prior to the start of the meeting, there will be a request to “sign-in” on the screen by asking each member to type their full name and the full name of another member they may be a proxy for into a private chat to the Secretary.  The Secretary will verify proxies and tally for a quorum.

Question: How will questions and comments be managed? 

Answer: After lighting of the chalice, the Vice President will mute all participants while the President calls the meeting to order and presents the protocols and ground rules.  Members may type any comments and questions into a private chat to the Vice President at any time during the meeting.  The Vice President will read the comments and questions in the order received.  Anyone who wishes to speak may type their request to speak in a private chat to the Vice President to be recognized.

Question: How will motions be handled? 

Answer: First, the Secretary will type the motion into the chat box directed to everyone, along with who moved and seconded it.  Then the members will discuss the motion. If there is a motion to amend, the Secretary will type it into the chat box to everyone with who moved and seconded it.  If the motion to amend passes the Secretary types the amended version into a chat to everyone and the President calls for a vote.

Question: How will I vote? 

Answer:   When the vote is called, the Secretary reads motion currently on the floor.  The President will ask for members to cast their votes.  Each member may type yes or no or abstain and their name into a private Chat with the Secretary.  The Secretary will tally the votes and compare them to the membership list.

Question: What if I’m on a phone dialed in and listening to the meeting? 

Answer: You can listen to a meeting by dialing into one of the “Dial by your location” numbers listed in the email containing the credentials.  However, you may not be able to communicate any questions or comments with Zoom.  If you are a member who wishes to vote on motions, I recommend arranging a proxy and notifying the Secretary at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.  You may email your proxy during the meeting or let your proxy decide for you.

Question: Will we know immediately what the vote is? 

Answer:  Soon but not immediately. Please wait patiently until the Secretary tallies the votes.

Question: If I’m not a member but attending the meeting, what happens during the vote?

Answer:  If you are not a member, you will not be verified on the Secretary’s roster and your vote would not be counted.

Question: How will you know who is at the meeting and who is eligible to vote to make sure it’s all legitimate?

Answer:  The Secretary will manage that using a roster of members and proxies.

Question: If I have a general question about the meeting or zoom, what email should I use? 

Answer: Email and write Congregational Meeting in the subject line. These go to our Board president.

Question: What do I do if I want to comment on a part of the meeting?

Answer: You can private chat using Zoom.

Question: Will there be someone on hand for tech assistance during the meeting if needed?

Answer:  Yes, Eric has volunteered to address technical issues during the meetings.  Send your question to him by a private Zoom chat message.

Question: What email should I use if I have a church-related question?

Answer:  The address is monitored by Ben during his office hours.

Question: Can I enter the building?

Answer:  Social distancing must be maintained.  If you have business in the building use hand sanitizer and wear a mask.