Sunday Sermons


Unitarian-Universalists welcome all people interested in the search for truth. Join us for an exploration of religion and spirituality from one atheist’s point of view.

The Spirituality of Being an Atheist

July 14, 2019

Download the Sermon Transcript Here.

What is Interspirituality? How does it connect to Mysticism and what meaning do they bring to our UU understanding of religion and the world, and more specifically to our “ordinary” individual lives? So many questions! Some possible answers and a lot to think about as we live our lives day to day.

Interspirituality, Mysticism, and Everyday Life

June 30, 2019


Nancy Paxton and Jack Doggett present a service on poems about goodbyes. May is often full of goodbyes: to friends, to teachers; to home; to lovers who left you, to lovers you left; to fathers or mothers, uncles or aunts, whose time has come; to places you’ve loved; to dreams you have given up; to ideas about yourself that have held you back. May is also the month we say goodbye to Rev. Kevin Lawson; we hope this service will give you a chance to reflect and say goodbye.

Poetry Service – June 2, 2019


Rev. Kevin offered reflection upon the Taoist understanding of Peace within ourselves to initiate the ripples of peace unto the World.

Let there be peace on earth 12 16 18