Sunday Sermons

August 25, 2019:  Some pundits quip that UUs either address their prayers “to whom it may concern,” or pray at most to one carefully curated God whom we consider on-call. I believe these self-effacing jokes and overly harsh critiques sell us UUs far short of who we are (historically and currently) and what we yearn for in our spiritual lives. This morning, we will explore the practice of “prayer” and how engaging in some form of this practice (whether it be spoken, silent meditation, Kirtan chanting, forest bathing, or sung Taize) requires us (like everything else about being a UU) to define our terms and explore the personal truth and meaning we might derive from it. Does prayer improve our health, as some researchers argue? How might “prayer” support us individually and communally? Come answer a hearty “Amen” to the possibilities.

The Voice of Deep Down Things: Considering ‘Prayer’ by Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker

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August 11, 2019:  In the age of Facebook, Twitter, tribal politics, and gated communities, what does it mean these days to be neighborly and connected? What inspiring examples have popped up recently to remind us that we are all interconnected whether we realize it or not? Are we actively grateful for the connections we currently have? As she settles into our neighborhood, Rev. Robin will explore how we might grow in neighborliness, reach beyond our comfort zones to create community in a society where more and more folks are “home alone.”


Like Pearls on a Silken Cord by Rev Robin Landerman Zucker

August 4, 2019:  It is widely assumed that more education is part of the solution to the environmental crisis. But what if the “solution” is part of the problem? The modern university is a complex institution, and parts of it, tiny parts of it, are committed to addressing the great existential problem known as the environmental crisis. Unfortunately, most of the university is pulling in the opposite direction. The world is being destroyed by highly educated people.

Higher Education and the Environmental Crisis

by Marcus Ford

Nancy Paxton – How do you respond when someone betrays your trust? What are some positive ways to respond? Join us for a look back at “The Anatomy of Trust” workshops we held at Beacon last year and an update, including ideas from Brene Brown’s recent writing on vulnerability, courage, and freedom in our public and spiritual lives

Trust, Vulnerability, and Freedom

July 28, 2019

Pianist: Daryl Shay


In a world of cycle and seasons that bring inevitable changes, we will explore how we respond to these new beginnings and new challenges.

Guest Speaker: Rebecca Riggs
Worship Associate: Linda Ochi
Pianist: Lynda Dorweiler
Reading: “The Summer My Father Was Ten,” by Pat Brisson
Meditation: “Find a Stillness”
Special Music: Pete Seeger, “Garden Song” performed by Andy Gould
Song of Gratitude: “We give thanks”

Planting Gardens and New Beginnings

July 21, 2019


Unitarian-Universalists welcome all people interested in the search for truth. Join us for an exploration of religion and spirituality from one atheist’s point of view.

The Spirituality of Being an Atheist

July 14, 2019

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What is Interspirituality? How does it connect to Mysticism and what meaning do they bring to our UU understanding of religion and the world, and more specifically to our “ordinary” individual lives? So many questions! Some possible answers and a lot to think about as we live our lives day to day.

Interspirituality, Mysticism, and Everyday Life

June 30, 2019


Nancy Paxton and Jack Doggett present a service on poems about goodbyes. May is often full of goodbyes: to friends, to teachers; to home; to lovers who left you, to lovers you left; to fathers or mothers, uncles or aunts, whose time has come; to places you’ve loved; to dreams you have given up; to ideas about yourself that have held you back. May is also the month we say goodbye to Rev. Kevin Lawson; we hope this service will give you a chance to reflect and say goodbye.

Poetry Service – June 2, 2019