The Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation welcomes all people, without regard to race, gender, age, disability ,sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or national origin, to participate fully in our activities, and to apply to use our buildings for Beacon or non–‐Beacon events. Because we are a religious organization of people who embrace shared principles (namely, the Seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association,) and who hold to a declared mission and vision, we offer the use of our buildings only for events that do not violate those principles and that mission and vision.

Additionally, in deciding whether to approve a Building Use Application, we consider the safety of an event and its environmental impact. The Board of the Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation reserves the right to deny any building use request. In this way we seek to maintain our integrity, our identity, and the trust of our members and friends and the wider community. We also give ourselves the joy of seeing our facilities used for purposes that further our vision of a diverse, loving, just and sustainable world.

General Information:

  • The sanctuary’s maximum capacity is 112. We can probably fit an additional 6-8 people if we open the doors to the social area. As a practical matter, guests should be limited for indoor events to 120.
  • The backyard’s maximum capacity is 130.
  • Any reception or social gathering should not be catered on-site. We do not have a stove in our kitchen. Receptions with desserts and/or snacks and beverages are acceptable. Alcohol use needs to be discussed in advance and permits need to be acquired. An additional deposit is required for food, drink, and/or alcohol.
  • Special events require the same deposits as regular events. These are refundable as long as Beacon is kept intact and well-maintained.
  • For events (primarily weddings) that would potentially require an A/V person, a Beacon staff member may be available to provide these services for a small additional charge of $35 per hour. Let Alexei know when booking your rental if you would like to run your own AV system or hire our staff to handle it.
  • When emailing us about a rental, include your name, some form of contact for you, how you would like to use the space, and either what space in the church you would like to use, or a time that works for you to see the church. All rental requests should be emailed to
  • If the renter wishes to make changes to the date or terms of this agreement, he/she must contact Beacon’s Office Manager at least 5 calendar days before the scheduled event.
  • The deposit will be refunded after the event or the last in a series of events after the property has been assessed by a Beacon representative.  Beacon reserves the right to use any or all of the deposit for cleaning or repairs necessary as a result of the event.     

Beacon Safety Policies (You will be asked to sign off on these for your rental)

  • Participants will be vaccinated, or wear a mask in the building at all times if unvaccinated. Masks for vaccinated people are recommended, but may not be required in small group settings.
  • Please bring hand sanitizer or use the bottles provided when entering the church.
  • Any and all smoking will occur in the designated smoking area in the corner of the backyard. This space will be available to all rental levels. Participants who choose to smoke must dispose of any waste in the provided cigarette receptacle or trash cans. There must be no air of smoke in the building, so smokers at your event may want to air themselves out afterwards.
  • Participants will remain in their designated rental area and not wander the church. This has an exception for the smoking area. Otherwise, do not roam the church and expect all participants to do so as well.

Beacon UU Congregation currently offers general rentals and special event pricing. To view a PDF of our pricing, click here! 

Click on the photos below for larger sized images of our church spaces.