Come, open to be moved.

Come, be held in mutual embrace.

Come, engage the world.

Come be made whole. 



Welcome to Adult Faith Development at Beacon UU. Our offerings are open to all members and friends, new and longstanding. We invite and encourage you to explore a variety of courses, presentations, discussion groups, and events designed to help you be inspired, connect with others, and live your values.  Our goal is to provide a framework for you to grow (personally, intellectually, spiritually, and ethically) as an individual, as a member of the community, and also as a Unitarian Universalist. 

CALLING ALL FACILITATORS! Would you like to lead an Adult Education program? Bring it On! Contact Rev. Robin to discuss your idea and scheduling possibilities.


2023 Adult RE Offerings




We now have 16 people signed up for this discussion group! Thank you.

We still have two copies of Mistakes and Miracles. If you’d like to reserve one, please email the office.

The Monthly Cooperative Book group, which launched at Beacon in November, continues in February. A Lunch and Linger program…bring a bag lunch.

With the adoption of the 8th Principle, Beacon enters into a journey to covenant with those who are oppressed and suffer from racism. Adult RE will focus on a study of the book, Mistakes and Miracles, which is a review of how five congregations implemented the 8th Principle. Certain Common Threads are found in the UU congregations, and discussed in the book and can become a starting point for how Beacon can proceed forward.

The church has ordered books for those who want to participate in a three-session discussion held on three Wednesdays–February 15, March 1, and March 15, 2023 –from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. If you’d like a book, please register by emailing either Lynda L. Dorweiler, who will lead the discussion, or Paula, Beacon office manager.

For February 15th (12:00-1:30 p.m.),  which, due to the weather, was conducted remotely via Zoom

  • Please read Introduction (XV) through Chapter 2 Common Threads (page 67)
  • Questions for discussion

1. Where do you see Beacon in Beloved Community? (Refer to definition on page xl.) What have we accomplished? What do we need to work toward?

2. What in the book makes you curious to learn more?

3. Which of the common threads (Chapter 2) need attention by Beacon? Which are our strengths?

For March 1st (12:00-1:30 p.m.), which, due to the weather, was conducted remotely via Zoom.

  • Please read Chapters 3, 4, and 5
  • Questions for Book Discussion
    1. Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, MD had problems with posting a sign. Was the  democratic Process followed. How do you see the democratic process followed at Beacon?  Is there enough information available before decisions are made? 
    2. What story had meaning for you at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Phoenix?  
    3. At All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, OK: What was the most challenging aspect of changes  made in the church? Does Beacon have the population base to bring multicultural members  into the congregation, or are we to focus on being partners in the community? If so, how will  we partner?

For March 15th (12:00-1:30 p.m.), hopefully  the weather will cooperate, and we can meet at the church.  Bring a light lunch if desired.

  • Please read Chapters 6, 7, and 8.
  • Questions to consider:  
    1. What have Beacon’s successes been in working toward multiculturalism? 
    2. Where does leadership rest as we proceed? Board? SJA? Committee? 
    3. Do we need a formal commitment to continue with anti-racism/multiculturalism? Bylaw ?
    4. How do we keep the principle relevant to our congregation? 
    5. How do we sustain ourselves? What are measures for growth?
    6. Identify a initial intention/goal.



Liberal Religion and the Crises of Life

A five-part reading and discussion group with Rev. Robin

On Zoom, Thursdays from 12-1:15 PM, February 3 – March 3, 2022 

Zoom link (for all sessions)

In his book, A Faith For All Seasons, the Rev. William Murry writes that “no religion is worthy of its name unless it provides a vision of meaning and purpose for the individual’s life and help in times of personal crisis.” Murry wrote his landmark book in 1990 to refute the idea that Unitarian Universalism is a “fair weather faith” that fails to provide these resources. Especially as we continue to move through and reflect on our individual and communal experiences of the pandemic, this book provides a clear and valuable framework for meaning making. In this program, we’ll read each of the five brief chapters in Murry’s book and explore a wide range of provocative questions in the accompanying study guide. Topics include: The resources of a Liberal Faith, and chapters devoted to the Crises of Meaning and Purpose, Pain and Suffering, Loss and Grief, and Death. Please let Rev. Robin know you will be attending, 

A Faith For All Seasons Session 1 PDF (Reading and Questions)

A Faith For All Seasons Session 2 PDF (Reading and Questions)

A Faith For All Seasons Session 3 PDF (Reading and Questions)

A Faith For All Seasons Session 4 PDF (Reading and Questions)

A Faith For All Seasons Session 5 PDF (Reading and Questions)

In Spring 2020, we offered Lunch with the Transcendentalists, during which we explored the works of HD Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and the Alcotts, and their connections to Unitarianism in the 1800s.  Full course materials can be found archived below. 

Other Adult RE programs we have offered at Beacon UU include: Yoga, QiGong, Meditation, Soul Collage, Writing and Book Groups, Men’s Gatherings, Courses on Goddess Spirituality and Building your Own Theology, Workshops on Conflict and Adaptability to Change, Labyrinth Walks, and Creative Arts groups. 



Adult Faith Development Resources During COVID-19

Check the weekly e-news for current programs begin offered at UU churches and elsewhere. 

  • – dozens of links for UU virtual meet-ups, programs and worship services
  • Mandalas –  Here is a mandala meditation and a coloring book to use at home.Download, print and color. Bring your favorites to church when we get back together and we will display them. Or post them on the FB page!
    Meditation Guide            Coloring Book
  • Stress Busters in Challenging Times – From Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA
  •  – Hundreds of personal and spiritual growth courses to attend online with a sliding scale of $15 and up.
  • Daily Quarantine Questions for mental and physical health 
    1. Who am I checking in with or connecting with today?
    2. What expectations of “normal” am I letting go of today?
    3. How am I getting outside today?
    4. How am I moving my body today?
    5. How am I expressing my creativity today?
    6. What type of self-care am I practicing today?
    7. What am I grateful for today?

For our full Adult Religious Exploration Catalog, click here