The Community Action Committee (CAC) provides outreach to socially responsible institutions  and programs that align with Beacon’s covenance and with a current valid 501c3 designation by supplying funds from Share the Plate and when appropriate to help designated agencies meet their goals. 

Share the Plate

~ This Month’s Share the Plate Partner ~

Beacon’s community partner for October – December 2023 is


For October-December 2023, Beacon UU is sharing the plate with Flagstaff Family Food Center. Serving around 63,000 daily meals per year in their location on North Second Street, the Center also provides a children’s reading room, delivers to the Flagstaff Shelter Services an evening meal for those who might be staying the night, and provides Back Door and Mobile Sack Lunches. They have a food rescue program from local grocery stores and distribute food no longer good for human consumption to local farms and ranches so there is zero waste.

Undesignated contributions in this quarter’s offerings above $300 will be presented to the Flagstaff Family Food Center. Nominations for 501c3 agencies can be made through a form located in the Beacon office.

CAC members are Katy Grant, Susan Patrick, and Lynda L. Dorweiler.

Past Share the Plate Partners