The Community Action Committee (CAC) provides outreach to socially responsible institutions  and programs that align with Beacon’s covenance and with a current valid 501c3 designation by supplying funds from Share the Plate and when appropriate to help designated agencies meet their goals. 

Share the Plate

~ This Month’s Share the Plate Partner ~

Beacon’s community partner for October-December 2022 is


For October-December 2022, Beacon UU will share the plate with the Southside Community Association (SCA). The Murdoch Center, the intergenerational and multicultural home of the Southside Neighborhood and the SCA, regularly hosts important civic and community meetings and events. The Murdoch Center has been the setting for town hall meetings addressing such important topics as social and criminal justice, Black representation and preservation, and Black economic inclusion and impact.  Additional information about the SCA, the Murdoch Center, and the history of the Southside (including the contributions of Wilson C. Riles to end segregation in Flagstaff) can be found here.

Undesignated contributions to the Sunday service offerings above $300 from October through December will be presented to Southside Community Association.

Nominations for future Share the Plate beneficiaries (501c3 agencies) can be made through a form located in the office manager’s office. Community Action Committee members include Katy Grant, Susan Patrick, and Lynda L. Dorweiler.  For more information, please email the CAC chair.

Past Share the Plate Partners