Speaker: Rev. Kevin Lawson

Beacon Settled Minister

Youth Sunday

This morning our High School Youth and children will be sharing during the service. Director of Religious Exploration, Amy Huntereece and Rev. Kevin will be participating and supporting our children and youth in this special annual service. Come let your heart be touched as we hear from some of our younger voices. The Mission of … Continue reading Youth Sunday

What is UU Salvation?

Join with us this special holiday morning as we recognize Easter, one of the High Holy Days for Christianity. Rev. Kevin will share reflections upon UU Salvation, resurrection, just want do some UU’s believe. The Beacon Choir sings. The Mission of Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation is to be a welcoming community that embraces diverse thought … Continue reading What is UU Salvation?

Holy are the Places of Change and Pain

Rev. Kevin shares the message this morning, reflections upon the blessings we might find wherever we are. “Blessed is the ground upon which we stand,” writes Rev. M. Killoran in our reading for this morning. Join with us to explore Unitarian Universalist Wholeness and Salvation.    

“We Are Whole”

Rev. Kevin will welcome our new monthly spiritual theme of Wholeness / Salvation with a reflection upon our individual and unique wholeness. “We are Whole, even in the broken places, even where it hurts” writes Rev. B. Lefever, in addition the author Henri J.M. Nouwen shares aspects of this understanding in his work “The Wounded … Continue reading “We Are Whole”

“Cherish Your Doubts”

Cherish your doubts, for doubt is the handmaiden of truth. – Rev. Robert T. Weston.  This morning Rev. Kevin will explore the dual nature of truth seeking and the qualities of doubt.  Both of these are powerful driving forces in our individual and unique quests for that which is holy, the sacred, the divine in … Continue reading “Cherish Your Doubts”