“Home Never Closes”

Home Never Closes” 

In one of her essays, the writer Annie Lamott tells the story of a girl who becomes lost and tells the police officer who stops to help that “if you can get me to my church, I can always find my way home from there.” As we continue to hunker down, restricted from familiar Thanksgiving gatherings, Rev. Robin will explore the many dimensions of “home” in our lives, our congregation, and our world – the loving place “where the heart is,” as well as the one where the heart aches, too. Where is the home that never closes for you, whether it be inherited or created? What is our responsibility to the refugees who are stateless and between homes on the AZ border and around the globe? And, how can Beacon UU be one of your trusted places?

Rev. Robin Preaching , with Worship Associate Kim Angelo; Music from Roomie Wood and Rebecca Prizznick

Breaking of the Bread Ceremony in the November 22 worship service. Bring some bread to share in our Beacon community Zoom room. 

During our November 22 Watch Party, we’ll share a Breaking of the Bread Ceremony when we pause for Joys and Sorrows. Choose a bread that you like and cut some small pieces for our Thanksgiving “communion.”  Zoom link for the watch party is in the e-news. 

The breaking of bread is an ancient ritual of community and memory celebrated in many different traditions and many different ways. As we approach the American celebration of Thanksgiving, we break bread together to celebrate the abundance of the harvest, hope for healing in our wounded world, the hard work of all who make our lives possible, and the community that continues to gather, now virtually, here for worship and support.

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