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The seventh sense: SIGHT

Sight is the seventh sense among the twelve that Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Education, developed and introduced about 100 years ago.

The sense of sight is the third of the middle senses, classified as outward and senses of feeling.  These senses are helpful with interpreting the external world.

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The sixth sense: TASTE

Taste is another sense that is usually and widely accepted as a normal sense.   Just like smell, it is a sense that Steiner considers a “middle sense” because it borders the inner and outer energies in life.

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So how was GA?

GA report

Spokane Washington

June 19-22

By Amy Huntereece, M. Ed.

Themes repeated often:

Trust, Faith, fair, love, mindfulness, purpose, sustainable, Juntos, collaboration, wrought faith, decentering white supremacy, Faith Formation, leadership, change, innovator, accessibility

Not about me but we

Nothing about us without us

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