Author: Theresa deBoer

Latest Schedule

We’ve had a pretty stable schedule for the last few weeks.  The subcontractors are scheduled and locked in, and hopefully there won’t be any more surprises that will throw off our timeline.  Click to see the schedule:  Beacon Schedule Revison 3

Building Walls

Click to see the wall framing video: Framing the walls! Click to see the almost-finished walls video: Sheathing the walls! The walls of the new addition are going up quickly! We are happy to see real progress going on. The monsoon held off long enough for the builders to get a good start on the … Continue reading Building Walls

Stem Wall and Floor Pictures

The masons got busy right away after the 4th of July holiday weekend and now the carpenters are finishing the floor.  The walls should be going up very soon!

Front Door

Click to see the pouring of the new foundation for the front door: Front Door Footing Video. Construction is finally moving right along, with the masons building the concrete block stem wall foundation in the back, and the contractor re-building the wall and door frame in the front. We’re hoping we will have a front … Continue reading Front Door

Pouring Footings – Pics

Watch a video: The rest of the concrete was poured today!  It was very surprising how quickly this part of the job was done once it got going.