Front Door, Etc.

REI Building Project Update

Our construction schedule has been updated. In order to dig the footings for the new rooms, the electrical line and box had to be moved first and we had to get a waiver from the city to bring it overhead, rather than pay a lot of money to dig a new trench across the alley. We got the waiver, and they are working on the electrical service this week. This pushed back the trenching and pouring of the footings, which has had a domino effect on the construction schedule.

Thus, the front door will not be finished for a few more weeks, as we need to have new footings poured under the doorway before the new doors can be installed. We could do this separately, and a couple of weeks sooner, but it would cost us a lot to do that. So we will have the contractor do all the footings at the same time. They will start grading and digging footings June 20, and pour the footings the first and second week in July.

Please be patient! It is just a few weeks and it will save a lot of money by doing it this way. We will still be having Sunday services as usual, we just need to continue entering through the side door.

If you need to check out a key to the building, please see Dennis Spurlin this Sunday at church, or stop by the office Tuesday through Thursday 10 to 3.

If you need to schedule a meeting or use of the building during the next couple of months, please check with Carl Taylor or myself to be sure that the construction won’t interfere with your plans.