The Project is Underway!

Monday May 6, Loven Contracting began putting equipment in place as the gas company worked on capping off the gas line. We have temporary heaters in place to keep the building from getting too cool for the next couple of weeks.

With any construction project there will be inconveniences and the possibility of schedule changes, but we are working with the contractor to maximize our use of the building during construction. There may be a Sunday or two that will be impacted, but the rest of the time we should be able to hold services at Beacon.

The demolition of the loft in the sanctuary is scheduled to take place Thursday and Friday of this week, May 16 and 17. We are still planning to hold Sunday service and the Town Hall in the sanctuary this Sunday, May 19. The ceiling may not look pretty in the back, so just keep looking toward the front! We should be able to continue to use the building on the weekends and evenings through the summer, but don’t plan on using the building during the day in the middle of the week.

Our contractor Mike Loven and architect Steve Dorsett will be on hand to introduce themselves and say a few words at our town hall, before we get started on discussing next year’s budget.

Just a reminder to stay out of the backyard, unless we need to utilize the exit in an emergency.