Construction Starts May 6

In our pre-construction meeting with the contractor and architect last Monday, there were a couple of surprises that we had to deal with (of course!). We found out we needed to have an asbestos survey done, and luckily, Carl Taylor pulled some strings and was able to get someone in on Tuesday to take samples. We should have the results in a couple of days. The other surprise was that we need to shut the gas off from mid-May to mid-July. The timing on this isn’t too bad as the temperature usually starts warming up by then and we have plenty of space heaters for the evenings. And we’ll have to wash our hands with cold water until the gas is turned back on.

Following the ceremonial ground breaking this Sunday, the actual construction project will start the following week. I would like to ask for everyone to be patient for the next couple of months as we get into the throes of construction. Some things will not go as planned, and there will be inconveniences and changes to schedules. We can’t know every exact detail and problem we will encounter during a construction project. All we have to do is put up with the mess and inconvenience for a while, and then we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor!