Contracts Have Been Signed!

After many ups and downs, we have finally signed contracts with Mike Loven (contractor) and Steve Dorsett (architect), who provide construction phase services.  This means Steve will review the bills as they come in, and ensure that the work being done matches what we are being billed for.  We will be meeting with them next week for pre-construction planning and scheduling. The official start date is May 1, with a tentative construction start of May 6.

Thank you to Carl Taylor for doing all the work on the contracts and issurance policies!  If not for his expertise and experience, we would not be at this point, with contracts signed and ready to go.  He did all the work on getting the correct forms and documents together and filled out, and contacted a former member who is a lawyer to go over the paperwork for us and advise us.  We are so lucky to have Carl in charge of our team!