Keeping the Project Affordable

The Building Expansion Team (BET) had a meeting Wednesday night, with the Board members and our architect, Steve Dorsett, in attendance. We discussed what has been accomplished so far, the changes that had been made to the project, and the final bid from Loven Contracting, which was out of our price range. We plan to meet with Mike Loven next week, to go through his numbers and try to understand why the bid was so high and see if we can work something out. The BET members and the architect had some good ideas on what we could change to help lower the price to something we might be able to afford.

Some of the suggestions for making the project more affordable were to take out the wheelchair ramp in the back, delete the storage area above the new multipurpose room behind the sanctuary, and change the cantilevered porch roof to a regular roof with wooden posts, as well as a lot of other minor things. We are feeling positive that with some modifications this project is continuing to move forward. We will be meeting next week with our BET members, our architect, and our contractor to make revisions and continue planning.