Final Estimate

We received the final estimate from Loven Contracting, and, unfortunately it was way over what was expected. The original estimate was for $304,000. After deducting the amount for removing the cottage, we budgeted $286,000 for construction. We kind of expected the final estimate to be somewhat higher than that, because of the rising cost of construction materials. But the final estimate received from Loven was a whopping $436,000, which exceeds all of our available funds for the project.

We have requested a detailed breakdown of costs from Loven, and will probably meet with them next Monday to discuss this estimate. But in the meantime, we have feelers out for an independent cost estimator, and if we can’t work something out with Loven, we will be putting the project out for bid by other contractors.

The Building Expansion Team (BET) and the Board will be meeting at Beacon on Wednesday, Feb 6, at 6 pm to discuss our plans going forward. We are still optimistic that the project will continue, and we will update the membership when we have more information. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience!