Project Update from Holly Taylor

The Beacon Building Expansion Project is moving forward, even if nothing is visible at the moment. Here are a few highlights:

  • The architect, Steve Dorsett, has submitted the “revised” project to the City, for a “second” concept review. If you don’t know or remember what the project looks like, please see the drawings on the kitchen wall. The congregation selected this at its July 29 congregational meeting.
  • A meeting to fine tune details led to the decision to use the existing kitchen space for office functions (office manager, Religious Exploration director, and bookkeeping ), and sub-divide the Purple Room into two spaces (removing the wall of cupboards), one as office for the minister, and one as library and small meeting room. Additional minor changes include closing the opening into the kitchen with translucent glass, removing the counter that currently protrudes into the vestibule and other similar improvements.
  • The cottage has been tested for hazardous materials, a prelude to filing for a demolition permit. Some asbestos was found, with abatement expected to be $3,000-$5,000, covered by the contingency line in the project budget.
  • The gas and electric lines for the neighbor to the south will be relocated into an easement running around our property lines on the east and south to the neighbor’s utility connections. 
  • Next step is contracting for the utility relocation and the actual demolition of the cottage. An inventory of the contents of the cottage and the current “attic” has been created (thank you Kay Johnson and team!). Disposition of these stored materials must take place soon-the cottage soon, to allow for demolition, and the “attic” before the end of the year.

The actual construction of the expansion is expected to begin in a January-February, 2019 time frame.

Holly Taylor 

Standing in for Theresa deBoer