Contractor Estimate and Capital Campaign

We have received our initial cost estimate from the contractor! This week the Building Expansion Team leadership will be meeting to talk about the estimate. We will try to get the cost down as far as possible, and then request a final estimate from the contractor. This estimate and the final changes will be presented for discussion at the Town Hall on May 13. We will also have the results of our capital campaign (REI) at that time. Hopefully those numbers will be pretty close!

The campaigns are still ongoing until the end of April. The Visiting Stewards have pretty much contacted all of the pledging units, but there are still some pledge forms that have not been turned in. Please turn in your forms if you have not yet done so, or contact your Visiting Steward for assistance.

We are still lagging behind our goal for both campaigns, but we are especially concerned about Stewardship. We have had several members move away this year, plus some with changes in employment, and a couple of other reductions for other reasons. Several pledging units have increased their pledges to try to make up for this, which has helped but we have a way to go. If you have already pledged, and would like to increase your pledge, please contact your Rich Clark or Steve Zeldes.

Thank you for your generosity!