The first thing to consider before using the Beacon brand is the fact that “Churches and other nonprofits are strictly prohibited from engaging in political campaigning. This prohibition stems from the requirements of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (“Code”).”  )  However, there are certain things that “A Church Can” do.  The determination of risk regarding what Beacon can and cannot do is the responsibility of Beacon’s leadership, not the individual members. 

There are other considerations as well.  The Beacon congregation authorizes Beacon support for specific causes that do not put Beacon’s 501(c)(3) status at risk.  So, in addition to the legal requirements, congregational approval may be required.  Another consideration is coordinating activities to support approved causes. 

Multiple meetings are frequently scheduled for 30 minutes after the service.  Our space is limited as experienced in the foyer each Sunday.  The social interaction immediately following the Service is precious especially for those with limited time before their meetings.  The foyer offers hospitality first and impromptu events during this time should be coordinated with the other scheduled events so as not to be disruptive. 

Our building is home to many Beacon programs requiring meeting spaces through the week and especially on Sunday.  The best way to coordinate these requirements is to plan, in advance, to get your needs scheduled on the Beacon calendar, by calling or emailing the office to update the calendar.  Checking the calendar is helpful when making plans, but it should not be assumed that space is available just because it is not scheduled on the calendar.  Updates to the calendar are not immediate. Please do what you can to coordinate your activities with the minister, a worship associate, office staff, or the board as needed.

Thank you