Walking the Flagstaff Community Labyrinth

Labyrinths have been part of many cultures around the world for 3,000 years. Walking a labyrinth in community with music (as we will did last month and will do again this Sunday) is a special shared meditation. The Flagstaff Community Labyrinth, perched on the edge of a small cliff, is made of 15 tons of lichen-covered lava boulders. It has a path length of a quarter mile; its wide lanes allow you to walk at your own pace. Photos and much more information on the web.

Less than 0.3% of COVID cases were contracted outdoors. To make that risk ever lower: (1) Please arrive between 9:45 and 10:15 AM to help us create a 3-minute gap between start times of each family group. (2) A sign at the entrance to the labyrinth will explain how to affectionately approach another walker, pass back to back, and continue your walk. Total time from entry to exit is about 15 minutes.

NEW THIS WEEK: Socially-distanced socializing! After you walk the labyrinth (or instead of walking if you have limited mobility) please socialize in adjacent Sawmill Park. Within 200 feet of the Willow Bend parking lot are 6 areas, each of which allows 3 to 8 individuals (or small groups) gather and maintain 8 foot spacing using a combination of existing benches and your folding chairs (please bring if you can!). In the foreground of the photo you can see an 8-ft bench facing a 20-ft stone wall; in the background is the Willow Bend gazebo, an octagon with 8-ft sides and full shade.


Parking options and a google map are available on the “Where is it?” page of the Flagstaff Labyrinth website. Wear good walking shoes (no high heels). Sorry, the labyrinth is not wheelchair-accessible, but Sawmill Park is.