The Rebirth of the Sun: The Solstice in Story and Song

Solstice: from the Latin sol stetit meaning sun stood still. In late December, the ancients would wait and wonder if the sun would begin to move again and whether the light would grow anew on the great wheel of life. Since that time, humans from a multitude of cultures have marked this vital crossing from dark to light with myths and folktales and wisdom stories; with songs and chants and rituals. Take the journey as we cross over in three distinct ways: by theft, in surrender, and through grace. This morning, we’ll celebrate and honor the Solstice with tales from a global treasury and with folk songs from Beacon Worship Associates and musicians. Rev. Robin will host the service with Linda Ochi, Nancy Paxton, and Cheryl Austin. Music from Jason Drahos, Rebecca Prizznick, Grace Ditsworth and Barry Malpas.
Come to the Post-Service Gatherings at 11 am to connect, share joys and sorrows, and reflect on the service. These will be held in person, in the backyard of the church so that we may remove our masks.