“Staying Afloat In the Bog”

In a culture of distractions, possessions, and expertise, how might we cultivate spaciousness and a “beginner mind” amidst all that “fullness?” We turn to the humble cranberry (a Thanksgiving favorite) and the Japanese practice of Oryoki (“just enough”) for inspiration on how to stay afloat in the bog of modern life. The service includes an extended guided meditation and special music.  Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching, with music from Jason Drahos, Rebecca Prizznick, Kim Angelo and Austin Shaw.


Come to the Post-Service Gatherings at 11 am to connect, share joys and sorrows, and reflect on the service. These will be held in person, in the backyard of the church so that we may remove our masks.


In CartUUns, for K-5th grade, we will be watching the short film “Blue Umbrella” and talking about personification and different emotions. On Zoom or in person, 10 AM. The Zoom link can be found here: https://www.beaconuu.com/children/

In D’oh God, for 6th grade and up, will watch the Simpsons episode “There’s Something About Marrying” (Season 16/Episode 10) on the Theme of LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. At the time of its original airing in February 2005, marriage equality was a controversial political issue. This episode received much criticism from conservative groups and included a parental warning; however, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) received the episode positively, calling it “a ray of light”. On Zoom only at 11:30 AM. The Zoom Link can be found here: https://www.beaconuu.com/middle-and-high-school-youth/