“Squid Game” and the Death Knell of Debt

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In the hit Netflix series Squid Game, a group of desperate South Koreans risk their lives to pay off their crippling debts. The series reflects a real social problem in their country – too much money too easily borrowed. This week, the taxman cometh to our doors, and Americans find themselves more strapped by the cost of living and by debt than ever before. According to recent figures from credit unions, the median consumer debt carried by Americans is $56,000. Many citizens hold debt in the 100’s of thousands of dollars on mortgages, cars, student loans, and credit cards.  Add to this our national debt of $23 trillion, and we’re facing a personal and social debt crisis. What drives us to borrow so much money, what are the consequences, and how do our rampant consumerism and our debt impact the broader problem of wealth inequality?  Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching with Worship Associate Mark James. Music from Andrez Alcazar and Austin Shaw.