“Reclaiming the Heart of Christianity – Ash Wednesday” with Rev. Linda Ochi

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In 312 A.D. the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great converted to Christianity. Speaking of that event, theologian Daniel McCoy says, “The once-persecuted were now in danger of becoming the persecutor.”  Once Christian Nationalism took hold, many “Christian” governments and leaders would go on to commit mass atrocities in Europe and around the globe.  The service this Sunday will focus on reclaiming the original messages of Christianity by looking at the celebrations of the Christian tradition of Lent and Ash Wednesday.  With Rev. Linda Ochi preaching, Worship Associate Mark James, and music directed by Andrew Schroeder with accompaniment by Pete Garcia.

The Fat-Tuesday-on-Sunday Pancake/Waffle Breakfast will be held in the Beacon Social Room immediately following the service.