PRIDE SUNDAY:  “Dress Up, Drag and Deadly Politics”

ALL ARE WELCOME! You BELONG at Beacon. Spiritually open and intentionally inclusive since 1958.

Drag has always been political, as far back as Biblical times and Shakespearean theatre. But today there is a real and present danger to the LGBTQ community and to those who express an identity through Drag. The ACLU, among others, now offers seminars on topics such as “Drag in Trump’s America.” More and more states are passing heinous laws criminalizing or curbing the presentation of Drag in nightclubs, libraries, and the public square. The President of Flagstaff Pride, Deb Taylor, will be with us as we explore our role as active resistors to this trend and how Beacon UU can engender and sustain a safe space for all identities as a “welcoming congregation.” Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching with Worship Associate Lise Breakey. Music from Austin Shaw and Kim Angelo.