“Navajo Peacemaking: A Gift from Navajo Culture to the World” with Dr. Mark Sorensen

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Join us on March 17th as we welcome our guest speaker Dr. Mark Sorensen, who has lived and worked with Native American communities as a school founder, principal, superintendent, and executive director for over 45 years! In 2000, Dr. Sorensen along with his close colleague Thomas Walker, Jr,, a Peacemaker for the Navajo Nation courts, received a fellowship from the Open Society Institute to develop Navajo Peacemaking in Navajo Nation schools. In 2001, Mark co-founded the STAR (Service To All Relations) School utilizing the fundamental values of Navajo Peacemaking.

From his rich experience, Mark brings to us an opportunity to learn about an indigenous way of resolving conflicts using the Peacemaking system of justice and healing. He believes the Navajo Peacemaking process could be used effectively in many situations of conflict in the world. And what a timely moment that is for us in today’s culture.

Enjoy the fullness of being a spiritually open UU community and learn about a gift from Navajo culture to the World. Your team includes worship associates Cheryl Austin and Nancy Paxton, our Choir Director Andrew Schroeder, and our accompanist Pete Garcia.