Mother’s Day “The Three Faces of Eve”

FLOWER COMMUNION SUNDAY – Bring a flower to share, take a flower home.  ALL are welcome! You BELONG at Beacon, spiritually open and intentionally inclusive since 1958.

This morning, we’ll take a closer look at three distinct and interconnected faces of the Bible’s first acknowledged cis-gender female. They are the face of the temptress, the face of the wise woman goddess, and the face of the homemaker and mother – each offering us something valuable about women, even if we need to strip off the waxy build-up of misinterpretation, blame, misogyny and shame to find it. In an era of “Me Too” and gender fluidity, what can we learn from Eve’s story and the changing paradigms for women that have risen in her wake. Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching, with Worship Associate Linda Ochi. Music from Bailey Cunningham and the Beacon Choir, under the direction of Jason Drahos.