“It’s a Matter of Perspective” with Rev. Susan Perry

ALL ARE WELCOME! You BELONG at Beacon – Spiritually open and intentionally inclusive since 1958.

Rev. Susan Perry will share with the congregation how “It’s a Matter of Perspective.” The challenges of life seem to overwhelm us at times, and the positive experiences will come and go. How are we to face these ups and downs of life? This week, she’ll use a short anecdote about “The Greatest Player Ever!” to set the tone for an exploration of the inner world of perception and belief.

Rev. Susan felt called to ministry at the age of ten, and twenty-five years later was ordained by the New Seminary in New York: Minister, Spiritual Counseling. With its focus on the interfaith model, the seminary inspired participants to expand their horizons to respect and honor the traditions of all of the world’s belief systems. Susan’s ministry began in her living room, then expanded in 1996 to the more public setting of Sedona Interfaith Fellowship, held at the Sedona Library for twenty-one years.

With Worship Associate Kim Angelo and music under the direction of Andrew Schroeder with accompaniment by Pete Garcia. Jon Michael, Music Minister from the Sedona Interfaith Fellowship, will share a song or two from his repertoire that follow along with Rev. Susan’s theme. Feel free to join Rev Susan and Jon for a meet and greet sharing following the service.