International Worker’s Day “A Profession Is Not A Personality”  

Back in 1884, in his essay entitled “Estranged Labor,” Karl Marx argued that workers are objectified and made into miserable shells. Whether or not you agree with this assessment, in our current world of work, too many people who strive for success self-objectify as excellent work machines. This has only been made worse as we’re increasingly chained to laptops or subjected to Amazon warehouse-style productivity metrics. Our colleagues are often two-dimensional avatars.  And yet, the allure and growth of gig work, self-employment, and personal branding has blurred the lines between identity and profession. Are we what we do? Is “job” a noun or a verb for you? Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker preaching, with Worship Associate Andy Hogg offering a personal reflection and music from Jason Drahos  and Austin Shaw.