“How Can Awe Transform Your Life?” with Nancy Paxton

ALL ARE WELCOME! You BELONG at Beacon – Spiritually open and intentionally inclusive since 1958.

We live in a beautiful place where “awe moments” are everywhere. What can happen if we collect and appreciate these moments? In his book Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It can Transform Your Life, Dacher Keltner identifies eight sources of “awe” and explains how experiences of “change, transformation, impermanence, and death” can deepen our connections with each other. Nancy Paxton will describe some personal experiences of awe, show how they reinforce her Unitarian-Universalist beliefs, and invite you to think more about the power of “awe” in your life. Cheryl Austin will be the Worship Associate.  The Beacon Choir will perform under the direction of Andrew Schroeder with accompaniment provided by Simon Cunningham.