Conflict Geometry 101: Of Circles, Triangles, and Dialogue

“Conflict Geometry 101- Of Circles, Triangles, and Dialogue”

Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker

When it comes to communication, the triangle is an irksome shape. Within a congregation, triangles, with their inherent rigidity and their sharp, pointy angles, can be bruising. Often, triangles provide us, like Paul’s mirror, with only a dim and obscured view of one another. Yet, when we sit face-to-face in dialogue — in fellowship, in affinity groups, in Committee meetings, Circle dinners, or Thanksgiving lunch, talking to one another rather than about one another, we can become known. This Sunday, come explore with Rev. Robin how circles offer us this powerful gift of trust-building connection, even in conflict. We’ll also sing a series of “rounds,” led by our music director, Gabe Hernandez.