“Building the Muscle of Resilience! Our Ability to Adapt, Bounce Back and Change” with Cheryl Austin

ALL ARE WELCOME! You BELONG at Beacon – Spiritually open and intentionally inclusive since 1958.

As we enter the holiday season, strengthening our resilience muscles, our ability to adapt and change, is a great gift to give to ourselves! After the global economic crash of 2008, Cheryl Austin began a quest to study resilience. At our Sunday service on Nov. 26th, she will share stories and ideas from her research and interviews with psychologists, PhD researchers, medical professionals, clergy, and mentors. What helps us build those muscles of resilience?

A list of resources will be provided so you can do your own research after the service – about your resilience! Since music is a wonderful intentional aspect of building our resilience, we will have the delight of hearing our choir, under the direction of Andrew Schroeder, with our accompanist, Pete Garcia. One of our choir members, Nancy Paxton, will be our Worship Associate.