Bread, Not Stone: Hunger and Homelessness in the Land of Plenty


Sunday, November 14, 2021 10 AM in our Sanctuary

All are welcome. Masks required.

“Bread, Not Stone: Hunger and Homelessness in the Land of Plenty”

Mohandas Gandhi once speculated that with so many hungry people in the world, when God next comes to earth it will be in the form of a loaf of bread. My guess is that this loaf will be a simple one, as close to the integrity of wheat and water as it could be.  With Thanksgiving on the horizon, a holiday associated with hearth and feasting, how can we bring shelter and nourishment, both literally and figuratively, to those who are hungry and homeless? How might we invite the sacred (whatever its form) to come to us and act through us, in the shape of the most unpretentious bread with the most common ingredients –the water of humility and the grain of compassion, kneaded by our justice-seeking hands, activated by the yeast of love, and baked in an oven of grace and gratitude. Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching with Worship Associate Char Tarashanti. The choir will sing, under the direction of Jason Drahos, with accompanist Austin Shaw.

Come to the Post-Service Gatherings at 11 am to connect, share joys and sorrows, and reflect on the service. These will be held in person, in the backyard of the church so that we may remove our masks.