“Belonging to a Community” with Rev. Anthony Johnson

ALL ARE WELCOME! You BELONG at Beacon – Spiritually open and intentionally inclusive since 1958.

For our worship service on Feb 25th, it is our delight to welcome our guest preacher, Rev. Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson, the minister of Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Sedona. Rev. Anthony is a speaker, writer, poet, producer, soldier, teacher, mentor and Elder. He is a Spiritual Counselor, offering Personal Divination Sessions based upon African Indigenous Technology. He is a graduate of the Indigenous African Spiritual Technology program as taught by West African Shaman Malidoma Some’. He holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Starr King School for The Ministry, a Master of Arts Degree in Communications Science and a BA In Radio-TV-Film. His Ministry is dedicated to “Removing Unconscious Debris and Bias from the Soil of the Soul.”

During Rev. Anthony’s sermon we shall explore our understanding of what the word community means to us. We shall ask and answer such questions as: Is a community defined and limited by geographic location and proximity? Is my community the community of people that I select regardless of their location? Are we members of communities where we may not have ever met in person? Are we as Unitarian Universalists, a community by choice and bound by principles?

Please join us, along with worship associate Cheryl Austin and accompanist Pete Garcia, as we welcome Rev. Anthony!