An Atheist for President?

When Thomas Jefferson debated his landmark Statute of Religious Freedom in 1786, could he have foreseen the troubling state of rampant official “Godliness” in our current political system?  On this 4th of July weekend, 5 months shy of the next Presidential election, we’ll explore how the President’s religious behavior has taken on new and surreal meaning in a White House rife with endorsed evangelical hubris. Rev. Robin will reflect on the progress of secular politics in a society where the “Godless” are often still demonized as candidates without a prayer. And yet, in an age when more and more people are unaffiliated or claim to be “spiritual and not religious,” we’ll ponder whether an atheist (or humanist) President isn’t a pipe dream.

Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, with Worship Associate Nancy Paxton, and music from Gabriel Hernandez and Rebecca Prizznick.