“A Curious Bunch! The Answer Is To Question”

One of the most popular UU bumper stickers states “The answer is to question.” We are an inherently curious bunch. For decades, inquisitive researchers have been trying to figure out the science of our human “urge to know,” and to decipher the way in which questioning happens. They’ve discovered that what is unique about human beings is that at the heart of our DNA lies the necessity of freedom, the potential to become something not yet defined. This morning, we’ll explore the rewards and challenges in how we UUs embrace free inquiry over catechism. Rev. Robin will also answer some of your “burning questions” from the pulpit (materials will be provided, think of a burning question in advance, as possible).  Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, preaching with Worship Associate Pia Driessen-Knittle. Recorded music selections and videos.

Come to the Post-Service Gatherings at 11 am to connect, share joys and sorrows, and reflect on the service. These will be held in person, in the backyard of the church so that we may remove our masks. There is also a virtual post-service gathering on Zoom for those staying at home. You can find the link in our weekly newsletter.