Beacon Picnic in the Park, Community Ramada at Bushmaster Park

“End of summer,” has a particular aura, doesn’t it.  Both a nostalgia and an anticipation are evoked, as the air subtly changes.  There are changes in our time commitments with children and school, with getting back to serious productivity.  We, now, welcome a change in weather and a relief from heat that a few months ago we so expectantly awaited.  Again, the best season arrives, as it does every three months, much to our glee.

We will gather our Beacon community and friends, to celebrate endings and beginnings, to celebrate being outside in the greenery of Flagstaff, Arizona.

We encourage you to bring some food to share and your own utensils and dishes, but not necessary.  Bring your voices to sing.  And, especially, bring a spirit of celebration for a new season.

To get to the Community Ramada at Bushmaster Park enter the park from E Lockett Rd cattycorner across from the John Q. Thomas Elementary School at the corner of N Thomas Dr. and E Lockett Rd.