Members of the Committee on Shared Ministry (CoSM) are selected jointly by the Minister and the Board.  The committee works to ensure that the Minister and the congregation are collectively engaged in Beacon’s mission and vision.  Its mission is to provide information, advice, and consultation to the minister, promote shared ministry, and ensure effective collaboration with Beacon’s Board of trustees, paid staff, lay leaders, and members of the congregation.  The CoSM informs the congregation about shared ministry, assesses the congregation’s programs and functions, and recommends actions to improve them when appropriate.  It may assist in resolving conflicts not addressed by other committees at Beacon.

Members of the CoSM have a commitment to the congregation’s mission and ministry above all other agenda.  In addition to people skills, institutional savvy, and personal integrity members will find experience in evaluating and documenting performance useful.   Recruited candidates should be familiar with the Beacon Bylaws, Policies, and history.  For more information, please email the President of the Board of Trustees.