RE Resources for July 5th ~ Wonder World:  Nature, Science and the Web

Our Summer Religious Exploration Program for Children and Families

Science and Nature are two strands in the interdependent web that holds our Universe together and helps us explain how and why things exist and happen. Both are part of our “wonder world.” Summer is a time to get outside and to explore our environment. And we can still do that, even with the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.  Each week, we’ll offer an activity that gets you outside and gets your hands dirty, and one that explores science from a UUKids perspective. 

Week of July 5th

Nature: Take a walk on any of the many forested trails around Flagstaff.

  • Take a paper bag to collect natural items to make a centerpiece for your dining table, such as pine cones, birch bark, and dried pods. 
  • Download and print copies of the Nature Bingo (pdf) and check off the natural elements you observe or find. 
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Science: Watch the teaser and first episode of the UUKids and Science series, created at the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara, which includes informative and engaging methods to communicate scientific ideas. 

UU Kids Science Teaser (1:22)              

Episode 1: 7 Principles and COVID-19 (13:06)