Adult RE Resources for July 5th

Word for Word: Writing for Self Discovery and Spiritual Renewal

6 Wednesdays, 12-1:15pm on Zoom with Rev. Robin
Dates: July 8, 15, 22; August 12, 19; September 2
Limited to 8 participants; regular attendance assumed (please email to register) – Zoom link will be sent to registered participants.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ~ Rumi 

The act of writing is a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing,  and renewal. Writing can be a creative as well as a therapeutic journey; a method of marking our experiences in time, space,  heart, soul, and mind. 

In this six session program (regular attendance assumed), we will explore our personal and spiritual odysseys with a series of short “free-write” exercises as well as longer assignments. 

We will prompt early memories; revisit joyful and sorrowful moments; rewrite endings, beginnings, and middles as a tool for healing; pen letters we meant to write but didn’t; and observe the everyday sacred in our lives. All of the writing in the first five sessions will be done during our meetings. We will reconvene after a two or three week interval to share a longer assigned reflection. 

No previous writing experience is required or even expected.  This class is NOT about being a “good” writer or about “how” to write.  Nor is the program intended as group “therapy.” Rather, it is designed as a confidential and communal vehicle for personal exploration and growth.  All participants will be encouraged to “write for themselves” not for an audience; sharing will be optional and welcome.  Please register since class size is limited at