Religious Exploration Resources for April 19, 2020

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“Horton Hears A UU: Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss”

April 19, 2020 – “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins”

In this story, Bartholomew tried to take off his hat before the King, but another hat appeared. This made the King angrier and angrier. Would Bartholomew ever be able to take off a hat without another one appearing? 

AFFIRMATION: We are fair and kind to each other.

THEME: Responsibility for own actions.

PREPARATION: Collect all the pennies you can find (or equivalent – buttons, nuts, beads). 


  • Watch the story on YouTube (24 minutes)
  • Talk about the story and explore these Life Lessons from the book:
    Consider a time when you felt that the punishment that was ordered did not seem to fit the action that needed correction.
  • The way we look at things:
    The King and Bartholomew each had great views from their windows, but their views were different and made them feel differently. Do you have to see things the same as other people? Does everyone see things the same as you do? Why?
  • Possible activity:
    Have a picture with several components: children playing, or scenery with various people and animals. Ask each participant to tell what they see. Does everyone see the picture the same?
  • Do people all over the world have the same customs as here?
    Does everyone take off their hat at the same things, like when they are indoors? Does everyone eat with knives, forks and spoons as we do? How do we react to the differences, like teasing or punishing a person, or understood?
  • The way things make us feel:
    Have you ever tried and tried to do something the way you are supposed to and it still does not come out right (like Bartholomew trying to take off the hats)? Have you ever felt that you were punished unfairly? When you are punished for something, is it because of you as a person or because of something that you did? Has anyone said to you, “I love you, but not what you did”?
    Have you ever been chased because someone wanted something that you had? (This is actually the premise behind a some games. Possibly play a game in which someone is chased, followed by a game that is cooperative so that everyone is included and everyone ‘wins’.
  • Being a “change agent” – Pennies for hats
    Have the pennies (or other items) in a large bowl. As the story is read (or reread), count a penny for each hat. Do you have enough pennies to cover all of the hats? Can you join with other children in our RE program to collect pennies and use them to buy hats for kids who do not have them?
  • Hat selfies for Beacon! Count the hats in your house…take selfies with them on and send them to me at
  • Other activity ideas: