Religious Exploration Resources for April 12, 2020

Religious Exploration for Youth  – Beacon At Home 

“Horton Hears A UU: Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss”

April 12, 2020 – “Too Many Daves” 


This short story is about a mother that names all her children Dave! How confusing would that be if we were all the same! We each have a name and an identity even if other people may have the same name. We are unique in our own ways.

Watch the videos on YouTube:

Talk about the story and explore these Life Lessons from the book and some insights from the videos : 

  • What’s in a name? 
  • What do Unitarian and Universalist mean? Unitarians believed God was one unified force, not a trinity of three. Universalists believed that everyone had the possibility of salvation (not just certain people). Talk about the animated video included in this lesson. 
  • Why is our congregation named “Beacon?” A beacon is a light that leads the way. That’s how we see our church. The Unitarian Universalist Association originally had its headquarters on Beacon Street (on Beacon Hill) in Boston, so the name is also historic for our denomination. 
  • Why do people have so many ways to say “God” or “Spirit of Life?” What do you find amazing or special in the world? 

Story-related activities:

  • What does your name mean? What is the meaning of the names of your other family members? Look it up here:
  • Create a poster – Make a word poem with your name that describes you and add the meaning of your name. Create something by hand or on your computer. 

For example: “Robin” means “bright fame” and here are some words to describe me: 

R  is for Reverend
O  is for Outdoorsy
B  is for Brown-eyed
I   is for Inventive
N  is for Nice 

Here’s another example of a finished product-

  • The story and the UU Principles: Discuss our First Principle: Affirming the inherent worth and dignity of all people. What does this mean?
  • An Easter activity: At home Easter “Egg” Scavenger Hunt” (downloadable pdf)