March 3, Worship for All Ages!

This Sunday, March 3, the children will stay in the service!  We are piloting a new idea.  We will provide six Worship for All Ages (WFAA) opportunities over the next several months. The intention of the RE committee is to find ways to welcome families to Beacon and support them where they are. We realize this means that you may feel overwhelmed.  Let us know how the WFAA goes for you (easy reflection questions here) and how we can be supportive in the future.

As I mentioned in my sermon on January 27, we are dedicated to incorporating learning opportunities in the Beacon Religious Exploration program that are interconnected, innovative, and impactful.

WFAA is interconnected because children will have the opportunity to follow along with adult worship with their very own order of service that is more appropriate and engaging for them while experiencing what it is like to worship as a UU!

WFAA is Innovative because current trends and studies point to changing the way we are thinking about Religious Education, including having children participate in our service in a meaningful way. The Fahs Collaborative, a division of the Meadville Lombard Theological School, has developed several guidelines for doing just that.  There is a call for thinking about RE in a different way.  Today, we hope to offer a meaningful, new experience for our children as we intentionally incorporate them into the service.

WFAA is Impactful because congregants of all generations will notice a difference in service.  It is our hope that this new way to worship is inspiring and positive for all.

We would really like your feedback!

Please feel free to complete this form to share your feedback.  Your opinion matters and will help us improve the experience for all.

If you feel your child is being disruptive, or, you would like some support, childcare with no curriculum is available for babies – 8 year olds in the purple room during the service.

Upcoming dates for WFAA are: 4/7, 4/21, 5/5, 5/12, 6/2

Let me know if I can be supportive to you in any other way!  I am here for you.

All my best with blessings,