Family Resources for Sunday October 7



The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. — Chinese proverb


The Tree in the Ancient Forest” This story illustrates the interdependence of the ancient forest and connections with the web of life.

The details about Sunday morning:

Babies – 4 year olds

  • chalice lighting and joys & concerns
  • play inside and/or listen to the story
  • play outside.

Kindergarten- grade 8

What you can do this week at home:

If you are unable to join us, feel free to use these links and resources to create a faith formation opportunity in your own home this week

  • Try to spend time outside each day, paying special attention to the trees near where you live. Think about your relationship to nature in general and trees specifically. How close to your home is a tree? Have you thought about what trees give us and how we depend on them to survive?
  • Create a nature journal to record your observations and feelings about trees as you deepen your connection over the course of the Circle of Trees workshops.
  • Think about ways you can engage with people and trees with respect. October 4th is the day we honor St. Francis.  Spend some time on the Peaks (named after the saint himself)  and give thanks for the beautiful aspens and ponderosa pines on our mountain.
  • Here are some books about trees that you may want to look into.
  • Here are some tree related project ideas.


I hope to see your family on Sunday!  Let me know if I can be supportive to you in any other way!  I am here for you.


All my best with blessings,