Family resources for September 16

Protest against unworthy images of God is a deeply religious act. — Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, President, Starr King School for the Ministry

Story: “The Binding of Isaac“. In the story of the binding of Isaac, God instructs Abraham to offer his beloved son as a burnt offering. The meaning and wisdom of this disturbing text has been debated for many centuries. Is this a test of faith for Abraham, in which Abraham demonstrates obedience even to the point of sacrificing his own son? Is this a story that shows that God disapproves of child sacrifice, a practice by many groups in Abraham’s time? Is this a story which depicts God as engaging in a monstrous test, a test which renders such a God unworthy of worship? Is this a story that critiques patriarchal culture, where women and children were possessions of their husbands and fathers? Why was such a story preserved in the scriptural tradition? Unlike some other disturbing stories in the Hebrew scriptures, why does this one remain current and well-known in the popular religious culture of three religious traditions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

Background info: The Binding of Isaac Background Information is extremely helpful!! To get your kids thinking about this topic, you may want to ask:

  • Where will Abraham be when he receives the command from God?
  • Where will Isaac be?
  • Where will the mountain be? They had to travel to get there.
  • Who will be Abraham?
  • Who will be Isaac? Who will be the two boys who accompany Abraham and Isaac on their journey?
  • Who will be God? And who will be the angel of God?
  • Where will the altar be where Isaac is bound to be sacrificed? Where will the ram be caught?

The details about Sunday morning:

Babies – 4 year olds

  • chalice lighting and joys & concerns
  • play inside in our very popular wooden kitchen.
  • play outside.
  • Volunteers pretty please!

Kindergarten- grade 8

  • ACTIVITY 3 : Why?

What you can do this week at home:

If you are unable to join us, feel free to use these links and resources to create a faith formation opportunity in your own home this week.


I hope to see your family on Sunday!  Let me know if I can be supportive to you in any other way!  I am here for you.


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