60th Anniversary

From the minister’s desk

This past Sunday Beacon celebrated its 60​th​ Anniversary, as a part of the sermon and sharing of our Beacon History, I invited those in attendance to share, memories / past, love / present, hope / future thoughts of Beacon. Here are the responses shared back and spoken during our time together February 11, 2018, 60 years from founding charter Feb 12, 1958.
May we honor these memories, uphold present needs, and support and grow into our shared future.
Blessed Be, Grateful to be on the journey with you, Rev. Kevin
Memories / Past:
“Music has been one of the threads that keeps me connected to UU throughout my life…”
“My dedication with Audrey, I truly felt like I was a part of one gigantic family”
“Wendy Williams quoting Mark Nepo and Parker Palmer, great mix of head and heart”
“I remember the church campouts we used to have at Hart Prairie and Mormon Lake”
“Gathering the middle schoolers to drive them to Camp DeBenneville for several summers”
“Christmas eve (‘93) driving back from Phoenix, we remembered there was a love feast here – welcomed and fed – it felt like home the first time, we stayed”
“Beacon was here when my family really needed a place of support”
“I remember coming here a year or so ago and thinking I’ve been looking for this church all my life, it’s nice to have found it!”
“One of my favorite memories = Frank dressed up as a fairy and pranced around the congregation tapping us with his wand”
“Recalling a wiccan service celebrating the mysteries of the natural world, some things don’t change, even with tremendous change”
“Our son accomplished his Eagle Scout project here at Beacon”
A long held secret: “My confession – I hid the turtle in the attic and replaced it with a bowl”
~ ~ ~
Love / Present:
Special notes from children present in RE class this day: Liam age 1½; Reli age 1½, Aspen age 3; “I like to draw here;” Ziah age 7 “I like it when they bring muffins;” Jonah age 3 “coming to church is happy