Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, not in the pilgrims and Plymouth, MA kind of way, as that has certainly become a tarnished and whitewashed version of real and true giving of thanks.  No, a thanksgiving for community that gathers in hope and faith in seeking a different way of being together one to another, with the quest for truth a key value.  Truth beholden within each individual waiting to become known, also to shift and to change with new learning, new ideas, new comprehensions, a free and living truth. With love as the core central point of community, peace, freedom and kindness a part and service to others a key value.  This is the blessing of thanksgiving to each of you, to your families near and far, bloodline and chosen, to those you hold close to your heart; may this thanksgiving be a time of deep remembrance for the true gift of relationship, memory and love – Gratitude. 

Happy Thanksgiving,

Rev. Kevin 

A Blessing of Gratitude by Swiftwalker,

Let’s start with the people we love
and those who love us,
thankful they are in our lives
obliging us to open our hearts.

Let open hearts embrace the Earth,
the sea and soil and stars,
blessed by bold beauty,
the bounty of being.

Then with hearts open to beauty
let us embrace the arts
and the generation of learning
that we should have wisdom.

Let what wisdom we have,
wan and wanting, lead us to
strive so the seventh generation
hence can live more fully.

It is in that work, and that alone,
that we can express our thankful spirit.
May we make it so.

For the opening to make it
so, let us be truly grateful.