The Promise and the Practice of our Faith!

Please see the attached link materials for further information from Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray regarding this Sunday’s special service:  The Promise & the Practice of Our Faith for Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU).  This is a national association Sunday event, we will be participating with Unitarian Universalist Communities across the country as we explore this moment in time in our living tradition.

Please Note: We will be taking a special association offering in addition to our Beacon weekly offering.  This special offering is the nationwide request for every UU to give $10 towards this national campaign.  Here at Beacon we are asking every member to give $5, as we have a generous match program to help us meet our part of the national effort.  For this special UU Association Offering proceeds will be matched dollar for dollar up to our expected participation based on membership count of 114 members.  

114 members at $10.00 per member, therefore our fair share towards the promise of our denomination, $1,140.00.  I hope you will be in service Sunday, or will make contribution towards this special request of our Association.  The work of Black Lives Matter, Racial Justice, Immigration Justice, LGBT Concerns, Women’s rights, Wage Equality, all the work and causes we hold dear in our social justice efforts truly are all interconnected, interrelated and have many points of intersectionality.  Together let us join in our national work to address white supremacist culture, power and politics.  Let us together address systems of dominance and oppression that take from the lesser than to continually prop up the greater than.  This is the work of our living tradition. Let us join together and offer our part to the greater whole that is Unitarian Universalism in America.

Blessed Be, and grateful to be on the journey with you,

Rev. Kevin