Getting involved in activities with other Beacon members and friends is surely the quickest way to feel at home in our UU Congregation, and even in the greater Flagstaff community, since our social outreach involves us with other groups. The information here will help you to understand the organizational structure of our congregation, and acquaint you with the many programs and activities that are offered at this time. 

Responsibilities of Members of Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation

All Beacon members are expected to share their time, talents, and treasure.

Attend Sunday morning services as often as possible. An empty church is spiritless and lifeless. A full church radiates good will, community sharing, and caring. We need each other as a congregation. Come to church as often as you can; not just for yourself, but for the others who need you to be here.

Contribute Financially. It goes without saying that the church cannot exist without funds to support programs, staff, and facility. There funds come from our members. Each fiscal year, beginning July 1, we anticipate fund raisers, plate income, and miscellaneous income to account for approximately 10% to 15% of our budget. Therefore, the remaining budget must be supported by our pledge income Each spring, we hold a pledge drive where each member is expected to pledge to the best of his or her ability. A minimum pledge of at least $100 per year is required for membership. Currently, the cost to operate the services and programs of Beacon UU is approximately $1,200 per member, per year. This is $100 per month. If that is not affordable for you, the minister is available to privately discuss other options. It is important for every person to give in some way, large or small, to the best of their ability.

Volunteer. In addition to financial support, the congregation needs some of your time! Our church could not operate without a large and strong group of volunteers, and we need every person to pitch in! Here are some areas in which volunteers are always needed:

  • Sign up to set up the Sanctuary prior to Sunday services at least two to three times a year- a great way to get to know other members of the congregation.
  • Serve as a Greeter at Sunday services three to four times a year- a great way to get to know other members of the congregation.
  • Serve as a Religious Exploration (RE) teacher or assistant three to four times a year (a critically important service to our children!)
  • Sign up to serve on a committee that suits your skills and interests.
  • Participate in at least one of the Clean Up Days (on Saturdays, usually 2-4 times per year) to assist with maintaining our building and grounds.

Participate in Church activities. This is how you really get to know the other members. Be willing to serve when asked. No one is expected to do everything! but every member is expected to do one or two things; whatever best fits one’s time and talents.

Be courteous. “Love is the spirit of this church.” We believe that this requires certain courtesies of us:

  • Our services are religious ceremonies. Be wholly present and respectful of the spiritual and emotional needs of others. If you must enter of leave during a service, please do so discreetly, at an appropriate break. Being only water into the sanctuary.
  • Arrive ahead of time for services and meetings.
  • Promptly return phone calls and emails from other church members or the church office.
  • Read the Beacon newsletters, Google Group and office emails! Visit the website and Facebook page. Keep abreast of of information, and give yourself the opportunity to be involved.
  • Silence or turn off electronic devices during services and meetings.
  • To commemorate a special person or occasion, provide flowers for the altar. There is a sign up sheet in the foyer.

Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)

The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in North America (UUA) is a religious association of UU congregations formed by the consolidation in 1961 of the American Unitarian Association and the Universalist Church of America. Both of these predecessor organizations began as Christian denominations, but modern UU’s define ourselves as non-creedal, and therefor are not limited to Christian beliefs or affinities, but also draw wisdom from other religions and philosophies, such as Humanism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Earth-centered spirituality.

Each UU Congregation is expected, but not required, to pay annual dues to of $58 per member in support of the UUA Annual Program Fund. Beacon UU has always fulfilled this obligation to our national organization.

We are also members of the Pacific Southwest District (PSWD) of the UUA, which encompasses southern California, southern Nevada, and Arizona, and costs $24 per member annually, to help fund the programs and operations of the district.

Every UU congregation is autonomous and self supporting. Beacon receives no outside monies. An annual Stewardship campaign is help every spring, at which time persons wishing to become or remain members are required to pledge a minimum of $100 per year.

Board of Trustees

The Board consists of seven members of the congregation, elected to overlapping terms as stated in the bylaws, at the annual meeting in June. The Board oversees the personnel, administration, and fiscal management of the church, and formulates new policies and changes to current policy. The Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Attendance at board meetings is open to everyone. Board minutes are available to members here. Potential Board members are nominated by the Leadership Succession Planning Committee and are voted on by the congregation at the annual meeting in June.

Beacon UU has one full time Minister and several part time posts; Office Manager, Director of Religious Exploration, Choir Director, Accompanist, and child care provider.

Committees and Teams

The functioning of our church is dependent on the participation of volunteers on committees and teams which oversee all aspects of the organization. We rely on the time and talents of our members to keep our doors open, to provide meaningful programs and activities, to maintain sounds fiscal management, to minister to one another, and to maintain our building and grounds. You are invited and welcomed to participate in the life of the church by serving on one or several committees according to your abilities, interests, and passions.

Building and Grounds

Congregational Vitality Team

Community Action Committee

Core Leadership Council

Finance Committee

Leadership Succession Planning Team

Personnel Committee

Religious Exploration

Social Justice Allies

Worship Associates