It would be hard to imagine a Unitarian Universalist (UU) worship service without music. Music is an integral part of our worship culture—whether that music be European classical or African American blues.

Our choir practices weekly on Thursday nights and performs one Sunday per month. During the Summer months we do not have Choir rehearsals.  Our choir director, Erika Kessenich, welcomes new members. No auditions or formal training required - just a love of singing! You don't even have to be able to read music!


Beacon's music committee raised funds to purchase the Spanish-language hymnal, "Las Voces del Camino," translated as "Voices on the Journey," a Spanish language companion to the UU hymnal Singing the Living Tradition. The 75-song volume broadens and diversifies the worship literature of our faith. As with all things UU, we do not choose our music from a single book. As the world changes and evolves, so do the sources we bring in to worship.  

Singing in Spanish dovetails into our congregational effort to support our Spanish-speaking friends and neighbors. Beacon supports the Northern Arizona Immigration Ministry and stands on the side of immigrant rights.

Hymnals and Songbooks

Our most common resources are our two hymnals Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey.

Singing the Living TraditionSinging the Living Tradition, first published in 1993, collects folk songs and gospel spirituals, poetry set to old English and shapenote tunes, and Biblical texts set to classical melodies.  A few psalms remain from earlier ages, and composers such as Bach and Haydn have a presence, but they nestle among songs from sixties folk singers Holly Near and Richard Farina, and modern settings of lyrics from Confucius and Rumi, Emily Dickinson and Sarah Teasdale. Martin Luther is there, but so is Duke Ellington. 


Singing the Journey is a 75-song supplement which presents an exceptional variety of music for congregational singing.