FAQ: Why isn’t our sanctuary going to be expanded?

The City of Flagstaff stipulated, per the 2013 Zoning Code, that our property allows just 1,158 square feet of expansion. The congregation voted to select the building plan that retains the sanctuary, while improving the building for our needs: moving the offices downstairs, enlarging the foyer and improving access to the kitchen, upgrading the bathrooms, and adding a large multi-purpose room. The attic will be removed, making the sanctuary seem roomier.

FAQ: Why isn’t the planned expansion larger than shown?

A pre-application meeting with the City of Flagstaff resulted in the following conclusions: 1) As per new 2013 Zoning code, Beacon is considered a “Meeting Facility.” 2) We can expand the building ‘by-right’ without consultation with the neighbors or a public hearing.  3) The maximum building size to avoid City parking and landscaping standards is 25% above the existing building total, or 698 SF of expansion.  However, if we demolish the cottage, we get credit for the cottage size and the amount of expansion increases to 1158 SF.

FAQ: There are a number of problems with the existing building.  Are improvements included in the expansion project?

Currently, they are not included, but they can be with some additional cost.  Some of the potential construction items are: 1) Replace the shingles on the roof;  2) Repair or replace the front door;  3) Ensure the sewer system has the proper slope;  4) Support the floor between the kitchen and Purple Room doors;  Identify and fix problems with the electrical system.

The current thinking is that we will have the contractor estimate construction costs for each item to help us determine if we can include these items in the expansion project.

FAQ: Many of the windows in the sanctuary and kitchen don’t work well and need replacement.  Why aren’t they being included in the expansion project?

It was agreed during the ‘walk around’ with the contractor in October that the best method for replacing them is for Beacon to contract with a company like ‘Renewal’ by Anderson windows to measure, make and install replacement windows.  There is no need to involve the contractor.  However, it might be best to coordinate window installation with the building expansion construction.

FAQ: With the demolition of the cottage and if we remove the loft above the sanctuary, we’ll lose a lot of storage.  Where will we put all our stuff?

We can purchase a storage shed that will reside in the back corner of the property (SE corner) that will store stuff from the cottage.  Items currently stored in the loft can be stored in the current RE office.  This would reduce the number of upstairs offices that could be used as small RE classrooms.  However, there are code restrictions on the number of people that can be upstairs at any given time.

FAQ: Why can’t we create some ‘crawl space’ storage under the new addition to store stuff from the cottage or use as storage for yard sale items?

As per the contractor, the current ‘best practices’ construction method for the addition is to construct an outer stem wall, back-fill the interior, and pour concrete slab. This method creates a more stable foundation for the addition.  However, this would eliminate any crawl space storage.

FAQ Answers to the Comments at the Open House Feb 11, 2018:

FAQ: Have we discovered any issues with the building that will have to be repaired or improved?

We are working on an issue with the underground utilities that go from the alley, through our property under the asphalt in our back yard, to our neighbor’s house.  The electrical line and the gas line are located right where we want to build the addition, so we have been working with the utility companies and the contractor to move these lines so they will run along the back (east) wall.

Question/Comment: Drainage off property in rear.
Answer: This was a really useful comment that we had not previously thought about.
The back of our property appears to drain towards the back corner by the garden shed,
into the neighbor’s yard. We will need to do some work to redirect the flow, maybe to
the swale in the alley. Some rainwater detention may be required. We will be asking the
engineer and architect to advise on this.

Question/Comment: Can doors between kitchen and purple room open into the
Answer: We took a look and discussed this with the architect. If the doors open into
the kitchen, they will interfere with the existing kitchen door. So we plan to keep the
door swing going into the Purple Room and will relocate the large screen TV as

Question/Comment: How will we stabilize and re-level the floor?
Answer: We plan to work with the contractor and architect to come up with a solution
to the front door and other areas in need of support. In looking at the architectural
drawings for a prior addition, it appears that the front door actually had some support
installed, but needs to be re-visited as it may have sunk or the wood rotted.

Question/Comment:Enlarge upstairs classroom (L-shape)? Or move wall or shrink
upstairs storage.

Answer: We looked over the drawings from the previous addition with the architect,
and were happy to realize that it looks like there is a fix for the loss of structural support
when we remove the bathrooms. So the room that is currently the RE office should be
available as classroom or office space.

Question/Comment: Can we expand the # of toilets from 3 to 5 by having a multi-stall
Answer: One of our commitments we made when planning this project was to have
gender-neutral bathrooms. The best way to do this and provide privacy is to have
individual, accessible bathrooms. We are increasing the number of bathrooms from two
to three, with a shower and central drain in one of the rooms. This addresses City codes
as well as church policy.

Question/Comment: Place for nametags.
Answer: The wall space that will be created with the removal of the bathrooms will
open up the foyer and add wall space. The plan is to have a place for nametags under
the former bathroom windows on the north wall.

Question/Comment: Hydronic heating (slab) and multifuel boiler. PEX plumbing
Answer: We’ve asked the architect to suggest some “green” ideas for heating. The
slab heating wouldn’t work in this situation, since it takes a long time to heat up and cool